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We are JACKS & STRIPES, handcrafting unique creations from reclaimed wood in Somerset, England.

  • Photo frames
  • Art work
  • Furniture
  • Specialists in bespoke commissions

Connect with us on social media, or email us at hello@jacksandstripes.com


Why should you buy handcrafted?


There’s a good reason people tend to pay more for handcrafted products. Handcrafted goods are often just better. A recent study of coffee found that 47% of respondents said it tastes better when prepared by hand compared to just 11% who are happy to settle for machine-produced drinks.


As you are buying handmade goods, you have the option of customising your purchase. As you are dealing directly with us, the maker, we get a real buzz out of working with you on a one-to-one basis to create your bespoke design.


The Internet is packed with a burgeoning industry of handmade marketplaces as more and more people are embracing handcrafted goods. Some handcrafted sites saw a 71% increase in sales in just one year. Buying handmade goods online gives you access to the skills of artisans around the world.


A number of experiments have shown that people value an object more highly when they are led to believe it contains an “air of authenticity,” for example, if they were told it was a work of art. This means that artisan products are perceived to have more value in society.

Bespoke Commissions

A few of the truly one-off handcrafted items that we have been commissioned to create. Contact us at hello@jacksandstripes.com with your ideas!

Who are we?

We are a British husband and American wife, thrown together in a twist of fate that have negotiated our way through visas and border agents to a loveable labrador, a beautiful baby boy and a burgeoning business making unique creations from reclaimed wood.

Each of our creations is carefully handcrafted with an eye for attention to detail. Gordie deals with the woodwork whilst Mandi brings it to life with the art work. Both strive for a perfect finish against the stark contrast of the wonderful imperfections that only reclaimed wood gives.

Most of our wood is sourced from pallets at the end of their useful life. We take care to dismantle them so as to retain all the character and hallmarks, like the nail holes that offer a unique charm to the finished items. It takes much longer to get the wood to a workable condition this way, but we think its worth it. Check out our feedback, our customers think so too!


I spotted a lovely sunrise design in a pallet artwork that would go lovely with my new kitchen I’m planning. I had visions of this artwork as a clock, so popped a message to the lovely guys here and hey presto!… I now have a lovely and functional bit of art. I’ve been told they … Continue reading Claire Szymanski

Claire Szymanski

I love the signs & art you make. Pure, made with love and shipped with care to Belgium. And the fact I can ask for a more personal sign/art is a plus. Unique stuff is what I like.

Jans Esli

I have a number of unique and perfectly handcrafted items from this talented couple. Highly recommend. Excellent quality & great customer service. Look forward to my next purchase.

Joanne Woollacott

Thank you JACKS & STRIPES for making my beautiful sign which I love and for completing it on such a tight timescale.

Julia Tonks

Fantastic art work from you guys lovin my Rod Stewart lyrics. Would love more art from your collection but will need a bigger house and more walls!!!

Julie Coombs

I couldn’t recommend them enough. Not only is their stuff unique and beautiful. So far I’ve bought three items and I’m not stopping there! But the way they deal with their customers is second to none.

Kate Martin

Had the most gorgeous F and T letters custom made for my business. Absolutely love them and are so well made. They even managed to personalise them with my logo details on!

Nicola Cavanagh